How to Market My Self-Published Book on the Internet

In the information age we are in, the idea of waiting for a publishing deal from a big publisher is no longer necessary. We now have the Internet! A tool when used properly will help you to reach your target market with ease IF you are willing to learn how the internet works, particularly traffic generation methods.

Potential customers for your book are probably online right this minute surfing around for related information, the internet provides you with the opportunity to be able to reach them as they are surfing which would dramatically increase the chances that they will be willing to buy your book.

There is not a more effective way to market your self-published book. Compared to all the other advertising methods it is also the cheapest. There are two methods I want to suggest in this article to market your self-published book. Content marketing via articles and Pay-per-click marketing. Keep in mind the first step would be to build or have someone build you a simple website or webpage that you can direct people to.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing- This is an advertising method where you are able to exposure your message to people searching using the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You would pick out keyword phrases related to your book, so that anytime someone does one of these keyword phrases your ad will show up on the right side of the search engines.

If a searcher clicks on the ad you will be charged for each click. It is a great way to begin drive instant traffic to your webpage or website online.

Content Marketing Via Articles- This is another great method and my personal preference because it is free. You would write or have someone write short articles in your niche, at the end of the article you would include a link back to your website.

Once completed, the next step is to submit the article to the main article directories on the internet where they would be syndicated all across the net and your target prospects will find them, read them and click the link to return to your website to learn more about your book.

If you create the content yourself, it is an absolutely free method and one of the most effective that I have used.

How to Use the Internet to Market Your Self Published Book

Attempting to market your book on the Internet without any guidance is like attempting to become a master chef after one cooking class. However, with a little guidance and a little practice, anyone can get started marketing their book online.

We know it can be difficult to market your self-published book online by yourself, so we created this reference guide of resources, helpful Web sites and other tips to make your marketing efforts a little smoother.

1. Buy a domain name for your Web site. Even if you aren’t quite ready to build a Web site, buying the domain means no one else can buy it before you. Providers such as allow you to buy a domain name for as low as $10.99 per year. Your book title or your name (provided neither is too long or hard to spell) are good domain names.

2. If you don’t already have a blog, start one. Using a platform such as WordPress will give you a professional and easy to maintain blog. If you’re unsure of what to write about on your blog, start by reading the blogs of other authors to see what they blog about. Your blog can also become a place where you talk about your book, share excerpts, announce upcoming events and give special offers to your blog readers. The best way to spread the news about your blog is to start commenting on other people’s blogs and linking to blogs from your blog. If starting a blog or setting up any kind of social media overwhelms you, check out the Social Media Prep service that CrossBooks offers.

3. Share your expertise on Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers is a site where users can post questions and other people answer them. Yahoo! Answers is a highly trafficked site and at any point in time there are thousands of open questions. Search by category to find questions users are asking in your area of expertise. Answer questions, and then post a link to your Web site to draw users to your site for more information.

4. Use Google Alerts. Google Alerts are e-mail updates you receive based on a topic or keyword you select. Set up a Google Alert for something related to your book or your area of expertise, and if possible comment on the trend or breaking news if it relates to your book. This is an excellent way to position yourself as an “expert” with local or national media.

5. Do a blog tour. Take some time to research blogs that reach your book’s target audience and/or discuss your area of expertise. When you find blogs that match these criteria, take the time to read blog posts and post a comment. Focus on adding to the conversation with information, not taking away from the other comments by only talking about yourself and your book.

6. Submit an online article. Write an article between 500 and 2,000 words about your book’s topic and submit it online to sites such as Isnare, EzineArticles and Article City. These sites sort articles by categories for users to read and learn from. If you are especially knowledgeable in a certain area, these article sites could be a good option for you.

Beyond this list there are hundreds of other ways you can use the Internet to market your book. It’s up to you to be creative and think outside the box for new marketing ideas. The key you must remember when marketing your self-published book is that you are the one who is responsible for marketing your self-published book. By utilizing the professional marketing services available to you through CrossBooks as well as implementing your own tactics, you are sure reach a wide audience for your book.

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Top Four Ways to Sell a Self Published Book Fast

Now that the book is finished, what is next? This is the primary question on any self published author’s mind as they delve into the world of the unknown with their latest literary creation. Where do I begin, what do I say, and who do I target as my audience are some of the unknowns that haunt a new self published author on a daily basis. All of these questions route back to the number one reason for writing a book, and that is making it available for others to read and enjoy. In order to get the book into the hands, homes and offices of the public, one has to put into effect the four top ways to sell a book very fast.

First, the author must alert all family and friends to a book release party. This is the party that sets your book into motion with the rest of the books out there. The best thing about a book release party is that most of your family and friends have other friends, therefore, with or without them accompanying one of the guests, word of mouth will travel about a great party along with an exceptional new book. Surrounding communities will hear of the celebration, and because of this, will pay close attention to any and all marketing pertaining to the book release party, begin to ask questions creating the much needed buzz. Some may even request an invite to the party just to be in the mix!

Secondly, speaking engagements always sell books no matter the size of the crowd, therefore, learn to speak as confident as professional in this area. Having a self published book gives the author much know how in this area, and this will attract those who are still aspiring to self publish to learn and even purchase a book. Not only that, the media will love to get involved, which leads to our third way to sell a self published book quickly.

From the radios to television news, media outlets want to hear from a newly published and good author with something to say. If the author can get the heads up on a review by knowing someone on the inside of a radio or television station this can only help and not hinder as stations have a load of books that are sent to them all the time making it difficult to get to them all. That being known, instead of simply sending a review copy to the station, call the station to find out if an interview can be set up. This way is more likely to make things happen for you and your book.

Finally, the fourth and one of the best ways to jump start your self published book sells is to attend book festivals! Book festivals are located in just about every state throughout the year. The best part about the festivals is that you can network with other authors and businessmen in the area, including bookstores that may take your book up front under consignment. Selling books at highly populated book festivals is extremely easy when the author has taken the time to give a fifteen second spill about the book that is intriguing, not boring. Readers love to meet authors, and there is nothing better than a signed book at a literary festival.

In conclusion, selling a book, whether fiction or non fiction, requires more work than just telling someone that you have a book. Talking and knowing what to say, planning and executing your goals while presenting yourself as a true professional all make their marks in the sell out of your first great novel.

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