Promoting Your Self-Published Book – 5 Kick-Butt Book Marketing Techniques

Self Publishing Books Successfully By Using Email

You can tremendously enhance the success of your self publishing books trade by using email and email marketing techniques.

Many people involved in the self publishing of books never think of email because they associated email marketing to the illegal activities of spammers. The truth is that email marketing that is permission based and legal has proved to be one of the most popular marketing tools used by professional publishers online. One reason why many like using email is probably because it is so similar to the offline mail order marketing which has been used very successfully for years by many one man self publishing companies to market their books.

Email marketing actually has a number of differences when compared to offline mail order marketing but the important thing is that it works.

The best way of using email for self publishing books is to build one’s own email opt in lists. The way to do this is by harvesting names of visitors who visit your site or blog which will tend o attract the sort of target market that would be interested in the kind of books that you will be self publishing. There are various techniques that you can use to quickly build up your opt in email list so that it accumulates hundreds and even thousands of email addresses.

A carefully targeted opt in email list is better than money in the bank because using it in you can earn a very high regular income selling something and there should be no reason why that something should not be the books that you are self publishing.

Self-Publishing – 15 Tips for Selling Your Self-Published Book

Self-publishing has never been as easy as it is today. With that being said, selling your self-published book is not always as easy as many make it out to be. However, it can be done and when you learn how to do it correctly, you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed.

Here are 15 tips for selling your self-published book:

1. Make it available-If you want your book to sell, the number one tip is to make it available. While it might sound obvious, many self published authors forget this important step. They write the book but they don’t make it easy for buyers to find.

2. Make it interesting- You need to make sure your book sounds interesting enough that someone would want to buy it. It may be very interesting but if your promotion for it doesn’t display that, you won’t get far.

3. Offer in different formats- This is especially true in today’s world. When you have different formats available, you will make more sales. People want it now and they want it in the format they choose that is easiest for them.

4. Promote locally-Don’t forget that there are many opportunities for you to promote locally as well as on the Internet.

5. Research book distributors online-This will help you find interested distributors and market to them.

6. Sell copies to independent bookstores- This is a great way to get your book out there and noticed.

7. Offer a free book-signing when stores buy your book

8. Offer to do a book signing at the local library

9. Sell your book to stores and shops on your subject matter/ niche

10. Sell it online through your website

11. Use article marketing to promote it online

12. Sell it in person at flea markets, swap meets and other locations

13. Offer bonuses with the book to increase value- this can be the final touch to make that buyer go from a “maybe” to a definite yes as they open their wallet or lay down that credit card to buy your book.

14. Use Squidoo lenses, blogs and other marketing techniques to get the word out

15. Offer an affiliate program- when you set up an affiliate program, you will have other people selling for you because they want to make a cut of the profits. This also increases your credibility and word of mouth advertising. It’s worth the cut that the affiliate gets because these are sales that you would not have made without them anyway.

Now that you have these 15 tips for selling your self-published book, you are ready to go into it a more informed author with the tools and knowledge needed to sell your book. Get out there and get to selling!